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Bath Party Spring 2015
Bath Party & Dazed Sun Lemonade in Teotihuacan, Mexico, Aztek Pyramids 7/3/15

Bath Party News

  1. Bath Party goes to Mexico City!

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    Bath Party has arrived in Mexico City with our dearest pals Dazed sun Lemonade. On July 3rd we play our first show in Mexico City at Multiforo Alicia.

    So many huge thanks to those who have made this possible. Daniel Leon, Luzen Satanpunks and the greatest host Pepe Herrera.

  2. Mexico Tour Summer 2015

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    We’re gearing up for another tour in July down the west coast all the way to Mexico City with our new friends Dazed Sun Lemonade.

    Dazed Sun Lemonade - Yo Soy Tu

    Check em out!. Easily one of my new favorite bands!

  3. Well, the tour’s over…

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    Thanks so much to everyone who helped out along the way. It was a successful tour all in all for the lads. Special thanks to Luzen, Alieta & the crew, TJ, Ruccus Dan & The Egotones!

    More tours currently in the works for the late spring, summer & fall. We’ll be seein’ ya soon!

  4. Bath Party Spring Tour 2015

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    Bath Party is finalizing plans for their 2015 west coast tour. If one thing’s for sure though, we’re going to Mexico.

  5. …Aaaaand Bath Party is a 3 piece again

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    Moving Senior Holiday on to the bass. Max has left the band.

  6. Bath Party is now a 4 piece!

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    Bath Party has taken Sir Brenton Holiday into their band to rock the electric 12 string psych grooves.